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Music Disc Creator NOT LOADING!



So i have the software for quite some time now..as well as the problem that accured right away after installing. Whenever i'd turn on the pc i'd get a messege saying that a component been disabled due to it being incompatible w vista or some ^#!&. now.. yesterday, after installing some 'patch' it finally stopped appearing, BUT the other problem is still there, which i thought might be connected to the first one - i guess not. well, the topic says it all. "Music disc creator" is the feature that i need most and it's not working!!! whenever i click on it, it freezes on "please wait..loading component", but it never does...so frustrating. <_<

any suggestions??


p.s. all the other features [data, photos, videos etc.] loads up fine and quick.

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Good time to check for the latest updates for your Video Card.


There are no "patches" for the Red Box version, so whatever you did is scary!


Your Red Box should have a sticker on the front saying that it is "Vista Compatible"… If it does not, all bets are off.


Lastly, I would go into Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs – choose Roxio and run the Repair option.


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