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Extracting Audio from a CD, Process and Settings



I'm a new user of Toast / OSX in general and I'm wondering how I go about extracting audio from my CD or perhaps a way to use automator to have Toast rip Audio CDs every time I put them in instead of going to iTunes..


Also, I would like to set Toast to rip audio in a FLAC format, do I need to download any plugins to achieve this?

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I don't know anything about automating the process. Toast has a built-in FLAC export option so you don't need to add anything. The process is the add the tracks from the CD to the Toast Audio window with Audio CD selected as the format. Toast then rips the tracks to the Roxio Converted Items folder as AIFF files. When that's done select them in the window and click the Export button and choose the FLAC export setting.


There are several ways to add the CD tracks to Toast. One is to just drag the mounted CD to the Toast window. Another is to add individual tracks either from the Finder or via Toast's Add button. Another is to use the Media Browser's "Files" setting to access the CD or the tracks and move the ones you want to the Audio window.

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