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Dvd+r And Bitsetting



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I've heard somewhere that using DVD+R and using some sort of bitsetting option, it makes DVD+R's very recognizable with DVD players. Is this true? Does EMC 8 support it? Perhaps MyDVD?



What is your drives ID string? In xp right click my computer click properties. Click on hardware tab device manager. Click on the + next to DVD/CD rom drives. Mine reads PX716A

Physically there is a difference between a DVD-R disc and a DVD+R disc that is made during the production process.

This booktype field identifies the disc as either a DVD-ROM, DVD+R(W) or a DVD-R(W) disc and is for a big part responsible for the compatibility. Because this setting is overwritten during the DVD-R production process it can’t be modified afterwards, the laser of your DVD recorder simply can’t write to that part of the disc. During the production of DVD+R discs the space is untouched. Your recorder will be able to modify this field to DVD-ROM and fool the DVD player.



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This is true. It sets a bit that fools the player into thinking the disc is DVDROM. However, your DVD burner must support it. EMC8 includes a 3rd party app called DVD Info Pro that supports bitsetting. If your drive does not support it, you will get an error message.


Bitsetting is not needed with DVD-R media.

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