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Video Complilation burn Failure - unspecified error [0x80004005]

David P


I been recording the 2007 Football Playoff games (editing out commercials, and burning to disc) and have not had a problem until recently. One recently recorded disc I am unable to trim and save to my video folder. The original disc (DVD+RW) was recorded via a Magnavox model MWR20V6 DVD recorder. When placing disc in computer I am able to play disc via any of my software dvd players (ex. Cineplayer, Powerdvd) as well as on the player attached to TV. I can see the 2 shows recorded (1st half/2nd half) in the main menu when using the players. The problem is that I am unable to compile the 1st show. Using EMC8 I select "compile DVD" from Main Menu - no problem. I then "Added movie" from my hard drive folder - no problem. I then "trimmed" the beginning and end and set the compilation to be saved in another video folder - no problem. I then select "burn" and after about 10 seconds a window appears that states "unspecified error [0x80004005]". The project stops at this point, will not burn. Please be advised that this is only happening to one disc in particular. I have not had a problems with any of the other disc recorded.


When I tried to use "DVDShrink" to do the same job, I received an error message "DVDShrink has encountered a problem and cannot continue" followed by the statement "Invalid DVD navigation Structure". When I select to "reauthor" disc, only the second show is showing up in the reauthored disc menu. The first show is missing. DVDShrink, I believe, has just told me that somehow the menu on the original disc got corrupted? and therefore is the reason the 1st show (1st half) is not showing up? I am however, able to copy and play disc when I copy "entire" disc (Please note that copies also carry problem.).


So how do I retrieve the first show (1st Half) off the original disc? Obviously the show is on the disc because I can play disc. HELP!


My system is a Windows XP home edition with all the service packs included. Also in doing research, the error message I'm getting is same as noted in another post. However in my case I am using "Disc Copier" and not "videowave" or "MyDVD". I did however install the "EMC8_MenuCode_Hotfix" that was associated with that post..


UPDATE 1/17/08: I Was able to retrieve 1st show on disc after installing hotfix into EMC8. However I was only able to do this when I first used "MyDvD" to create a disc (The hotfix enabled MyDVD to see the entire menu). After creating disc "Disc Copier" was able to compile video without errors. Kind of an odd, roundabout way to do this (must be a better way...suggestions?), but it did work. My concern is that I was not using Videowave or MyDVD prior to this problem. I was using "Disc Copier". Is there a patch or hotfix for "Disc Copier" that does the same thing as the hotfix for Videowave/MyDvD? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


I thank everyone in advance for tips, hints, suggestions (positive Please), that may make this type of project easier to do in the future (recording, editing out commercials, and burning to disc sporting events from TV).






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