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Maybe he doesn't realize the risks of mistaking a formatted CD for a "great-big floppy-disc" and thinks that's the way to go. I learned the hard way. Perhaps he will discover before lerning the hard way that if you want to backup something long-term, Sessions-based writing (like Classic Creator or the WinXP built-in burning) is much safe ... and if you want something that works like a "great-big floppy-disc", a Flash drive (aka Thumb / Pen / Keychain / Jump drive) is the way to do it.


Or he can post back when he is desperate to recover the missing data, like others do.



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Maybe he knows that some strident people overestimate the risks of using packet-writing after having one "oops", and he is prepared to use it carefully because of its convenience?






You say the formatting process takes 25 minutes, and then "doesn't format". Can you give me some more information about the disc(s) you're trying to format, and the drive ID of your burner?


Have you tried to format several discs, or just the one. What brand/speed/type are they? If it's just the one, and it's a rewriteable disc, have you tried ERASING it with EMC9 and then using it in Creator? [checking to see if the disc itself has died]


Please go to Windows Device Manager, and click on the + alongside the CD/DVD icon, and tell me the drive ID(s) that are displayed there.





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I am running creator 9 on xp. I can't format a disc. It goes thru the 25 minute drill, but does not format. Previously, I had Version 5, and had no problem. I e-mailed Support two days ago, but got no answer. Thanks


Why do you want to format a disc?. Use Creator Classic rather than Drag to Disc (D2D).



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