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How do you remove "Ticker Tape" from video?

David P


I am a sports fan and on a regular basis I record games on TV. I was wondering if there is a way to edit a recorded DVD video that has a "Ticker Tape " scrolling across the top or bottom of screen? I've seen the TV stations slightly shrink/compress image size to add "Ticker Tape" and then restore size when tape is removed. I would be happy to just be able, as a minimum, to "black out" the bottom portion of screen in order to not see it. Ideally I would like to remove "Ticker Tape" and resize video to utilize space where "Ticker Tape" was. Can EMC8 do this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


P.S. I"m a newbie here so I'm not sure if this subject has been discussed before.

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In Videowave application, bring in the movie. Place a still image (maybe a solid color image) in the overlay track(s) to black out the horizontal scrolling ticker tape. If there are two scrolling ticker tapes, use two overlay tracks. Resize the image and adjust position to match the scrolling tape.

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