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what corresponds to drag to disc?



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i have used dragtodisc in previous versions of roxio to back up data and vids


why isnt that in this version, or what corresponds to it in this version and what is the best way to back up videos (xvid) to DVD

It appears that D2D causes problems in Vista so it's been removed. You're much better off using Creator Classic to make data dvd's. I keep a number of divx/xvid files on dvd's with no problems and can add to them later when needed.

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Despite the recieved wisdom going around, formatted CDs/DVDs are NOT the best way to do backups - in fact, it is the worst way, and even worse if RW media is used.


I'd suggest you use Creator Classic to copy the data to UNFORMATTED R media, lest one day you put it in the drive and find it doesn't work.


Now, if you've just used it for temporary things like moving files from one computer to another, Packet-Writing is fine - the original file is safe.


However, if that is your long-term backup ... well, I wouldn't believe anyone and learned the hard way. In fact, using RW media with Packet-Writing, I sped the process up.



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