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8.03 UPdate



I missed a critical news deadline today cause I was dumb enoiugh to install 8.03. 8 was working great but since there was no install notes telling me what the update resolved I figured the upgrade was benign. Ya sure!

In the future if I get a notice that there is an upgrade avail. should I look here for the install notes and fixes?




One thing. ANGRY Customer was on a real tear. I think $2/min is cheap. THis is cheap sw. What do you expect. Apple studio pro support at $1k/yr?

I am back to Media 100 Producer again for the same reason I started with them 15 yrs ago. CHEAP and really great support. ($400/yr. That is less than most people's bar tabs) I call them when any video issue is raised. They told me NEVER to install any updates from Apple until I hear from Media100 casue it is imho the intent of the greedy *&^*&cks at Apple to make things really tough on all other vendors including Roxio.


THis has made me crazy. I love macs and hate Apple. Jobs is a jerk. I worked with him on several projects and he just thinks the world of himself. Yeah, Stevo, when will you be doing good things with your billions like that windows guy.

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Thanks for all teh help but how would one do that? Save the original to another drive? Right now I have spent five hours on this stuff and the quality just sucks regardless if I EXPORT movies as BY Ref, Self Contained or QT with custom settings. I save as disc image and even that is terrible quality. This all started with the update. I spent all my working life in hi tech and have never seen this kind of lack of support and disinterest except maybe in a garage start up.


Picture is also stretched.

You have only yourself to blame. You threw out the old version before you found out if the new version worked.


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Hold down the Control key, click on the folder, choose Compress Toast 8 Titanium, when it's done compressing throw out the original folder and empty the trash. If the new version doesn't work just throw it out and uncompress the old one.


Or you can also just move the Toast folder out of the Applications folder to install the new version, then rename the old folder so they don't have the same name and put it back. Both can happily live on the same drive, but you have to make sure you launch the right one, so compressing and throwing out the original is the least confusing way.

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