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PAUSE button doesn't work with slideshows



I used Toast 8 Titanium v8.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.11 to burn a DVD-Video containing a mix of photo slideshows (5 seconds/photo) and QuickTime movies.


When I play the resulting DVD with DVD Player (v4.6.5), hitting the PAUSE button while viewing a slideshow doesn't interrupt the player. The next photo appears without hitting the PLAY button.


Hitting the PAUSE button while DVD Player is playing a QuickTime movie on the DVD does pause the movie.


I see the same PAUSE button behavior (no pause with slideshow, but pause with movie) on the remote for the Sony DVD player attached to my TV. The remote's PREV and NEXT buttons work for slideshows as well as movies, but not the PAUSE button.


Enabling or Disabling (I've tried it both ways, all combinations) the following options didn't change the PAUSE button play slideshow behavior:


1) Auto-Play disc on insert

2) Play all items continuously

3) Include scene menus for movies

4) Include slide menus for slideshows

5) Include Shuffle play

6) Add original photos


However, when I play the DVD (all 6 options disabled, though I doubt that that's important) using "Dell Media Experience" on my Dell (Windows XP) laptop, the PAUSE button does halt both a slideshow and a movie. But I want to be able to PAUSE a DVD slideshow on my TV, not on a computer.


Suggestions on how to do that would be appreciated.


Thank you.



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What I've noticed is that I often have to press the pause button for my standalone DVD player twice (or repeatedly) before the DVD slide show pauses. After it finally pauses then I can press the chapter back button to return to the photo where I wanted it to pause in the first place. So my experience is that it works but not very well.

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