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Dual Burner Question



I have a NEC 3540A firm (1.04) and I'm shopping for another burner.


I used to have 2 of these drives, but I just RMA'd my 2nd to Newegg and they could only give me a refund because they no longer carry the drive. I need to be able to burn 2 DVD simultaniously.


I'd like to be able to keep my NEC and use it along side another newer drive. Is this possible? Or do you think I'd be better off buying 2 updated models?



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I know that you can burn more than one at a time but i think there is a limitation on speed. I'm trying to find that information now.


You should be able to make 2 burns simultaneously as long as both drives get recognized by the software.You just tell it 2 copies and make sure both drives are checked.
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Thanks, that is what I thought but I could not confirm it from documentation. :)


They burn at the lowest speed of the two. Like I have a 4X burner and a 16X burner. Both burners will burn at the same speed and in my case, limited to 4X.


It's also a good idea to use the same blank media in both drives.

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