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Burning An Authorized Dvd For Distribution




I have a two hour feature and am trying to burn ONE high quality DVD for distribution. I have compressed my original FINAL CUT PRO files to quicktime files. However, the final version always starts crashing at about 1 hour and 40 minutes in. Glitches, picture skips, etc.


I've used QUicktime, quicktime copression, and a compressor that seperates my video from the PCM audio for what they call "DVD quality" footage.


I've been using DVD-R media, and am frustrated that I can't get ONE CLEAN copy of this thing. I bought dvd+R DL (DOuble layer media) tonight, but am not sure if this will do the trick.


Any advice on burn settings (2x, 10x, 16x) or different media to use. My burner is a superdrive installed inside of a dual drive mac G5 with more than enough power to do DVD burns.


What am I doing wrong?

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So you've used a different application - possibly Compressor - to create an .m2v stream and a PCM audio stream. Is there a reason you chose PCM audio instead of AC3 (Dolby Digital)? Two hours of PCM audio requires a lot of disc space which means the video must be more highly compressed whereas you could have better quality video if you used AC3 audio.


In the Finder when you add the size of the .m2v and the PCM audio track do they total less than 4.38 GB? If they total more than that then you have too much content to fit a single-layer disc. You could choose Save as Disc Image from the Toast File menu to create a DL-sized disc image and then select that disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window. This way Toast can use its Fit-to-DVD compression to further reduce the size used for the video stream so it will fit a single-layer disc.


Something else you could do is let Toast do the MPEG encoding. Just add the QuickTime export from FCP to the Toast Video window and let Toast do the rest. You can go to the custom encoder window if you want to change the default AC3 audio encoding to PCM, although I wouldn't do that when wanting a 2-hour video on a single-layer disc.

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