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Ts Folder = Popcorn Has Unexpectedly Quit... Wtf

sMAC attack


I just received Popcorn 3 and am trying to back up all my dvd's. ( my crib-midgets love to chew on them) I used -Mac the Ripper- to deter the CSS and drug the TS folder to Popcorn. It states that Popcorn has unexpectedly quit.. I have done some research and found that a few people have had the same problem.. What is the solution...

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I have divx for my mac. Could that be a problem??

I have DivX and its not a problem for me. Your Quicktime Plugins folder in is your User>Library>Quicktime folder. As for Perian it is available at www.perian.org and is an codec for multiple audio formats. Popcorn doesn't need it unless you were trying to make DVDs from downloaded videos (the kind you didn't pay for). The only Popcorn crashing I'm aware of is when the xvid codec is present in the Quicktime plugins folder. Typically that prevents Popcron from launching so it probably isn't the issue here.


Something else that might be the issue is you must do full disc extractions when ripping your source DVD. I'm presuming you've experienced this problem with various ripped DVDs and it isn't just one that's causing the issue.


In your User>Library>Preferences folder find the com.roxio.Popcorn.plist file and move it to the trash. The next time you launch Popcorn you'll have to go through the Setup assistant again but your registration info will still be there. That might help.




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