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Large Disaster Recovery Set Size



Back On Track 3 Suite comes with pretty sparse documentation. I'm left guessing as to how disaster recovery works and would love some clarification from someone less confused.


The in-application Help says:


"The Back Up Drive project can also create a Disaster Recovery Set. A Disaster Recovery Set can be used to restore the contents of your entire hard drive, including the Windows operating system, your files, your applications, and all of your computer settings."


If it's really going to create a bit-for-bit image of the entire disk, I don't want that. I use a different, vastly superior system for bare-metal restores of my Linux partitions. :-)


And if I just go for "Hard Disk Drive(C:)" instead of "Disaster Recovery Set©", will the recovery CD still be able to perform a bare-metal restore of Windows, without trashing my Linux partitions?


Anyway, I decided to give it a bash, to see whether the behaviour of the backup was in line with the documentation.


While my Windows (Vista) parition is only 30GB in size, BoT estimates the Disaster Recovery Set size at 69GB. I can't figure out how it got to that number. It's not the sum of any permutation of the partitions and/or free space on the disk!


Even more strange is that when I went ahead, after it wrote the recovery CD, the progress indicator told me it was busy with 103GB. Perhaps a compressed bit-for-bit image that discards unpartitioned space?


Can anyone explain the theory of operation so that I can do something intelligent with this software?


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