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The Highlander

Confirmed: Windows Xp On Mac Done!

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The infamous narf2006 has made good on his earlier promise to provide a video of Windows XP booting on an Intel-based iMac. While the video looks fairly convincing, we'll continue to reserve judgment at least until Colin Nederkoorn hands narf a check.



Narf has sent his solution to Colin for testing, so this does indeed seem real. Now let's see if it's reproducible!


Watch the video (7.7MB MOV) Alternate here.

Read about the contest


Update: It's over, done with, and the check is in the mail- literally. Colin Nederkoorn has just verified the solution that the now-famous narf and fellow programmer blanka came up with for dual-booting Windows XP and OS X on an Intel-powered Mac, and announced that all future donations to the project will be go towards the open-source work that will evolve from the contest

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Based on what I had read, there are a number of things that are not working just yet. Supposedly none of the acceleration tools are working as well as the video card is still using a standard driver instead of the proper one. (All things that make a computer crawl...)


You can see this on one of the screenshots. If you look hard enough, you will see the Device Manager on the machine is missing all sorts of drivers. (Indicated by lots of yellow !)


If they can pull this off perfectly, I am buying a MacBook!

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