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Combining Parts Of 2 Dvds Onto One Dvd



I have two VIDEO-TS folders. I would like to take some supplemental material from each folder (that is, part 1 of a program from folder 1 plus part 2 from folder 2) and burn on one DVD. Can this be done, and if so how? Incidentally the files in both folders have the same names and so one can't add to a foldere from the other folder.

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Yes this can be done with the help of the Toast Media Browser. Place one of the VIDEO_TS folders on your desktop and the other in your Movies folder. They cannot be inside any other folder. Choose DVD with the top button of the Media Browser. You should see a description for each of the VIDEO_TS folders in the browser window. Double-click on the description and the list of titles on the DVD (along with thumbnail images) will appear. Drag the titles you want to the Video window with DVD video selected as the format. Do the same with the other VIDEO_TS folder. (Note: you can also access the individual chapters within titles by using the button just below the one that reads DVD).


When you drag the titles (or chapters) to the Video window Toast extracts the MPEG files from the VIDEO_TS folders. Now set up the menu the way you want and either burn your DVD or choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu. If you Save as Disc Image you can mount the resulting .toast file to preview it in DVD player. You burn a disc image to DVD using the Image File setting in the Copy window.

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