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Advances In Rfid Tags


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There are now devices that can recognize, say, a book and download a recording online to "read" it.

Maybe someday Roxio's products will come with directions that work ... :huh:



Those things scare the heck out of me. There's a great potential for abuse because you don't know who's going to get that information. In the U.S., insurance companies could use that information to deny you coverage. If those devices aren't deactivated at purchase, an enterprising burglar could develop a device that will show what high priced items you have in your home as they drive by.


And as to directions that work..... I've bought many products that have even less helpful information in their Help menus than Roxio products.

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The latest I have read about is they now have a very tiny capsul that they can implant under you skin so that when you go to the store to buy anything, instead of having a credit card to carry around, you just wave your wrist or arm (where the capsul is located) over the grid and it processes the sale. The capsul has all of the information on it that you would have on a credit card if you swipe it.

Then it can keep track of everything you buy and who you bought it from. Kind of like the "cookies" when we do business on the internet. I'm with ml on this stuff. It's N.G. in MPO.



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