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Burning: Can't Choose What To Copy


I recently upgraded to Leopard hoping to fix this problem, no luck. i have a collection of DVDs recorded from both Australian PAL and US NTSC television and cable broadcasts. I often recorded several documentaries or segments onto one disk.


I can't seem to use the 'options' to choose either the main or one of the 'extras'. On 10.4, I got an error message, 163 4955 892. On 10.5, it just quits.



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Try this workaround. Choose DVD-video as the format in the DVD section. Choose DVD with the top button of the Media Browser (the separate window that appears in the upper right). Your DVD should be listed in the browser. Now double click on the listed DVD and you should see a list of titles on the disc along with small thumbnails. Drag the titles you want to the Popcorn window. Popcorn extracts the MPEG files from the DVD.


When you have added all the titles you want to the main Popcorn window, prepare the menu the way you want and burn the DVD or choose Save as Disc Image if you want to preview with DVD Player before burning the disc image to DVD.

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