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Track Names Don't Show Up...



I have created a whole bunch of aiff files using Spin Doctor.


I have named each track. I use Toast 8 to burn the disc... the track names show up in the window and info panels.


But when I burn the CD and it mounts to my desktop, all I get is Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, etc. And the CD which I also named shows up on the desktop as Audio CD instead of the name.


I never had this problem with past versions of Toasts.


I have ADD CD TEXT selected... when I open up the dialogue box all my track names show up.


I have selected DAO.


I am on a Mac, Tiger 10.4.1.


What am I missing?



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I am on OS 10.4.11 and have only had Toast 8.x.


The song names have always appeared in the Toast window, and they used to burn to audio CDs.


Lately, however, the song titles do not burn, even though they appear in the info.

If you have the CD Text option turned on by checking the box in the lower left corner of the Toast Audio window, then it is very likely being burned to the audio CD. You can check this by inserting the burned audio CD and choosing Disc Info in the Toast Recorder menu. The CD Text info should appear. The fact that the Mac OS isn't showing this info is that it has not yet been entered into the cdinfo database file in your user Library. That is done as I've previously described.


If it has shown up in the past it is because you burned an audio CD that matches one that is in the online CDDB database and was downloaded by the Mac OS from there. That's how you get the info from your commercially purchased audio CDs the first time they are inserted in the Mac.

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The easiest thing to do is to download and use the CD Text to CDinfo Applescript available at dougscripts.com.


The issue here is that your Mac doesn't read CD Text so it doesn't know the CD was given any track names. You can see the CD Text info is on the disc by choosing Disc Info from the Toast Recorder menu.


The way to get the track info to appear is to enter it in iTunes. That way it gets written to the CDinfo database file on your Mac. The Applescript saves you from having to retype the information as it reads the CD Text fields and enters them into iTunes.

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