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Silly Dvd Burner Question



This may be silly but here goes. My PC has two different DVD burners, one is a Pioneer and the other a newer HP with lightscribe (which is why I bought the second burner).


When burning a couple of DVD's recently, I burned one of them on the Pioneer and the other on the HP. These were the exact same production.


When I turned the DVD over to look at the "burned in" lines, the Pioneer is about 1/8" (4mm) wider than the same burn on the HP!


Both worked fine when played on my home JVC DVD player. Does anyone have any idea why??? I am pleasantly surprised that both worked but curious. All the settings were the same, the type of blank DVD was same brand from same stack, etc. Burned them back to back and the HP was the first one burned.


Not a problem but curious.... AND does that mean I could burn a much larger file using the HP???? I thought the amount a DVD could potentially hold was determined by the DVD.



Ron B - Pittsburgh


PS having fun learning this product.

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