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Confused About Wma, Mp3 And Jukebox





I tried to make a Jukebox CD (EMC9) from a WMP playlist. It included wma and mp3 files. When I tried to play the disc (on two Set-top DVD players (both of which say they support mp3 and wma), only they mp3 files would play. All files play on the computer.


I then tried burning the same playlist using 'Music Disc Creator.' It created a disc which played successfully on the set-tops. However, it converted all the files to mp3. Why did it do that? And why would the wma files recorded with Roxio not play?


Thanks for any insight...

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Not sure about Jukebox .

In Music Disc Creator go to File,Project settings and you'll see the following screen.If you check the box that says Keep native format the files won't convert.Personally I use MDC always.It gives you more options and variety.post-85-1202477914.jpg

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