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Program Compatability Assistant


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I tried installing Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 on my Vista Ultimate machine (this was before MS started warning against it). Lots of problems resulted, so via the Control Panel, I uninstalled it.


My problem: everytime I boot up, up pops up a "Proogram Compatability Assistant" warning telling me that the driver from said uninstalled program had been blocked.


This is the specific error msg:


Driver: CD Recording Software

Publisher: Roxio, Inc.

Location: Not available.


And then there's this generic explanation: "A driver is installed that causes stability problems with your system. This driver will be disabled. Please contact the driver manufacturer for an update that is compatible with this version of Windows."


Anyway, I thought that maybe the problem stems from traces of the program remaining in the O/S registry, so I went to regedit, but I couldn't find anything like "CD Recording Software," "Roxio," or "Adaptec" in the Software folder of either the CURRENT_USER or the LOCAL_MACHINE keys.


I also tried contacting Roxio; but the patch they directed me to (DLA driver blocked on Vista launch doesn't apply to Adaptec Easy CD Creator, which is admitedly pretty #$^@ old. I even decided to pay for their premium tech support, but some snot on the other line he wouldn't help me, Roxio doesn't support Adaptec anymore.


So, now what? How do can I remove driver for a program that I've already uninstalled, for which there is apparently no trace in registry and which the publisher has disowned?

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Have a look in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers for the adaptec drivers you've put in there. Any .VXD files would be good suspects, especially








If you find any of those VXDs try renaming the file extension to something else like .BAD one-by one, and restarting Windows. Renaming will prevent the driver from loading, but if it is needed by something you can always rename it back to VXD. You'll know you've got the right drivers when the PCA stops growling at you.




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Hi, thanks much for the reply! This is where I am now:


In system32/drivers, I've identified these three Roxio files






The first one -- cdr4_2k.sys seems to be triggering Vista's Program Compatability Assistant; if I change the extension from .sys to .BAD, the annoying pop up dissapears. Unfortunatley, also with it dissapears my DVD RW drive! (That is, it no longer shows up on the My Computer window).


Your post says to look for .vxd extensions -- the closest I could come to locating them was in the registry: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, where there's a .vxd folder. Inside it is a subfolder "PersistentHandler." Click on that, and I get the information that the Type is REG_SZ -- and a alphanumeric string under a Data header.


I've also poked around in msconfig/services to see if anything relevant might be there. File.net (http://www.file.net/process/cdr4_2k.sys.html) said cdr4_2k.sys can be stopped via the services window, but I didn't see anything Roxio related in my services window.


Your thoughts would be much appreciated! -Dave


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Hello Dave,


Okay, forget the VXD files :) When you tried to install ECDC4 it has installed NT drivers (.SYS) and not Win9x drivers (.VXD), so VXDs aren't a likelihood any more.




Now, why the drive disappears:

Microsoft have created filter registry keys for optical drives. These keys hold drivers, and if the filter chain is disturbed or broken then Windows can't see the drive(s). The cdr4_2k.sys entry in there causes Windows to try and load the driver, but since the driver is missing/renamed the filter chain is breaking. This is a weakness in Windows, and often happens when you install/uninstall burning software.


The cure:

Leave the driver file renamed to .bad, and delete the filter entries from your registry. The next Windows restart causes Windows to rebuild standard filter entries (without cdr4_2k.sys) and your drive(s) reappear once more.

Microsoft have a page with both guided help and a manual method for deleting the filters. Please read it here (click link) for guidance.


This should get you running right. Please let us know how it goes.




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