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Exporting Vob File To Mov File



I tried to export my home video DVD to other formats (mov, avi) so I can edit it in Imovie '08 but when I play the converted file, it's skipping/jumping some scenes. Can anybody tell me how to fix this or do I need to adjust something? Thanks.

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You version of iMovie allows direct import from many DVD camcorders.


But if that's not an option for you then the skipping and jumping may be due to timecode breaks in the video recording. You'll need MPEG Streamclip (free) and Apple's Quicktime MPEG 2 Playback Component ($20 download from Apple). Open the video from the DVD in Streamclip and choose Fix Timecode Breaks from the Streamclip Edit menu. When that is done you can use Streamclip to export the video to DV for importing to iMovie.


If timecode breaks aren't an issue then you can use Toast 8. Choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser to access the content of your DVD. Select the title(s) in the media browser that you're wanting to transfer to iMovie. Drag those to the Toast Video window with DVD video selected as the format. Toast extracts the MPEG files from the DVD. When that is done you can select those titles in the Video window and click the export button to export as DV video for import to iMovie.

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