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Emc 10 Video Convert - Fast And Slow...



I wasn't sure this was the appropriate area to post this but there was another speed issue post under AV Capture/Output so I'll follow suit and hope someone takes pity. :)


I used Roxio EMC 10, run Vista Home Premium on a laptop which is an Acer Aspire 5610Z with a Pentium dual core T2060 (1.60 ghz) CPU, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, 1ghz RAM with 1.84 megs added via a flash drive through ReadyBoost.


I appear to be able to convert DVDR's I've created from my DVD Recorder at home into AVI Divx at a ratio of 1 minute per minute in regards to how much time it takes to convert it (aka, a 45 minute TV episode convert in aproximately 45 minutes).


A pal of mine just bought Roxio EMC 10. He runs XP Pro, his is a single CPU but over 3 Ghz, 1 gig RAM, his video is NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 (256 MB). and it takes him over 2 hours to convert the same size file, though he has a faster computer.


A third friend runs XP (that's all the info I have) and his takes an extraordinary amount of time to convert as well. I think he has a gig of RAM, maybe two.


My question... WHY is it taking more time on their computers? What determines the conversion speed with EMC 10?



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My thoughts are that your personal times are a rarity! 1 minute to 1 minute? But, to be fair, all 3 of you should test the exact same file but I think you'd still come out ahead by far. There's some discussion as to exactly what makes the difference but of course, a fast dual core will be faster than single core but from what I've read, after a point, you'd do better with a faster processor than jumping up to Core 2 Duo. Don't know about Quad Core but I've read some good things about it. I think a balance of Processor, RAM and a fast hard drive is a good start.

My system is not a speed king but relatively fast and I've almost cut in half what I had using a P4 3.2 with 1GB of ram however, I routinely take 1 hour mpegs recorded with my tv tuner and convert to a pretty good quality xvid (using 2 pass and AutoGK) in about 90 minutes which I don't think is bad.

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To add to what Bruce said.....


It can also depend on if they're doing something else on the computer at the time and what processes they have running in the background. My computer encodes much faster if I just walk away and let it encode instead of playing an interactive internet game.


It's also not only the file size, but what type of file. For example, if you were reencoding a DVD compliant mpeg2 it would take a lot less time than someone reencoding a non compliant file. As Bruce suggested, you'd need to be encoding the same file under the same conditions to be a fair test.


It could also depend on whether they are software or hardware rendering and the connections and hardware within the computer itself.


That's a long winded way of saying..... Sorry, it's almost impossible to say.

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