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Emc 10 - Capture Video Won't Load



I just updated from version 9 to version 10. I can't get the Capture Video module to load at all. The box that says " Component Loading" flashes by very quickly and that's all it does. I seem to recall having a similar problem when I installed version 9, but can't remember the fix.


This is a Windows XP box.


I have other errors with other modules as well - C++ runtime errors and R6025 errors. I'm looking in other forums for answer to those.

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I can't provide the solution but I can sympathize with you since I have been experiencing the same issue since Roxio adsorbed VideoWave into their bloatware and discontinued realtime support. This is commonly referred to as the "Symantec" effect. You may also notice that attempting to capture/import from within the VideoWave application causes VideoWave to hang; requiring the user to terminate the program from within Task Mangler. Please post the solution if you ever get the capture component to load and run. I will reciprocate.





I'm able to get the Capture component to load. I finally remembered that it had to do with the services that I had started. I checked mine and noticed that DBMedia10 wasn't turned on. I did that, and Capture would load.


However, I can't use anything that utilizes VideoWave - as you said, it hangs and I have to use task manager to kill it.


I also get the EMC10 installation box that pops up for seemingly no reason at all - it's virtually impossible to get rid of it without using task manager, and even then it's not easy. It's wanting a CinePlayer codec. I haven't had time to search to see if I can find anything about that message.


So, for all practical purposes, the product is still unusable.

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I too have the problem of Capture not loading and I too have RoxDBMedia10 service disabled. I did this because I was consistently getting runtime errors from the DBMedia10 module, I mean like every 5 seconds.


So I guess I too will do the full system uninstall and clean thing and try again.

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Those should be ok. As far as I know, DBMEdia10 and the proxyfileserver MUST run for several of the apps.



I finally decided to just remove it from my system - ran a registry cleaner and found tons of references still to EMC 9 and even earlier versions. Dumped them all. Then reinstalled. So far everything is working just fine.

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