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One of our laptops came with RecordNow!Plus version 7. It appears not to allow external microphone recordings to WMA or other audio file formats. What I want to do is use the laptop to field record, then transfer to a more power PC with EMC 10 on it, edit the audio, etc. Should I upgrade the laptop to allow this to work? And, if so, what do you recommend as the least cost alternative in the Sonic or Roxio line?

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1. If it came with the laptop, it is an OEM [Original Equipment Mfgr] Version, and only they would know what's in it. You could check with them on it. Those of us who answer here are people who use various Versions of their products, and really have no info. Unless someone has a Roxio logo by their name, they are not Roxio employees.


2. The people at sales might know some of the differences between EMC 9 and EMC 10 - contact info is on this page -



3. If you have WinXP, you do have some basic recording ability built into the Operating System.


4. If the mike "won't work", try opening up the volume controls from the control panel or a right-click > properties on the sound icon in the tray, options > properties, and check if the mike is checked under 'Recording' options (there's a radio button to choose 'Recording' or 'Playback' for which controls you are checking).



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