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Mydvd9 Encoding Problem



I am burning a wide screen movie using MyDVD9 selecting high quality. When I preview the movie everything looks good. The finished dvd works fine in my dvd player, but the video is fuzzy for varying periods of time and then snaps into focus and is very clear for a period of time.


I noticed that during the encode process that the encode preview window at various points loses the video for a period of time and just show a gray still image and then the video comes back. I tried encoding using standard quality and the encode preview appeared to work properly and the dvd worked, but the video quality was poor.


I am running XP(SP2) on a 2.8 Ghz cpu with 1GB RAM and I've updated to the EMC 9.1 version and I have updated my video card (Nvidia GeForce 6800) driver.


Any thoughts on what/why this is happening and how to resolve it?


Thank you for your help.

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The gray screen, or Smart Render, is a good thing…


Try setting your Tools – Options to Software Render and see if it improves. – Some DVD RW media is a good thing to keep on hand to experiment with.


Thank you for the info Jim. I've been experimenting and tried the software render and it worked better. The video does not have the appearance of snapping into focus. Although it does not appear as crisp when in focus. I know that it will take much longer to encode, but is there some way to force rendering of all frames?





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