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Shakey Playback



I wonder if anyone can help here, I have produced a DVD using MYDVD & had some problems with the intro movie being shakey & cutting short (i.e not playing for the length of time I created it) & the video content (home movie) being shakey.

I searched the FAQ of the roxanne helper & changed burn settings from interlased to progressive and the bitrate encoding from 9 - 7.

I think these changes have cured the shakey video content but the intro movie is both shakey & cuts short.

After wasting 2 DVD-R's I have been experimenting on DVD-RW & am aware that maybe the better reflectivity of the DVD-R will possibly cure shaky intro.

I guess I could live with the poor quality intro as the content now seems to be ok but it would be nice to know what I'm doing wrong.


Any help would be greatly appreitiated

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I think I have resolved the issue now.

Choosing rendering by software seems to have done the trick. Ticked this option & set bitrate code to 7.

Thought the picture was not so sharp, so tried it at 8 & DVD-RW still ok (i.e no shakes), so now burning one at 9.

Can anyone explain why the software option solves this?

I thought having a dedicated graphics card (thus using hardware rendering) would be better.

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You should go with Best Quality instead of trying to tinker with settings.


Do you mean 'High quality' setting rather than 'custom' under 'project settings'?


Note that RW is short life media and wears out. So your final burn should be on R media.


I was only using RW for testing, whilst I was tinkering with the bitrate encoding. if it's ok at 9 (max), I guess I will then continue at HQ & hardware rendering (as per usual) until I get a problem like this & then revert to software rendering.


Thanks for your help :)


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R vs RW has nothing to do with it.


As far as "cut short", we need all of the details on how you capture. – Details!


Tools – Options, Software Render will often clear up "shakey".


Not sure if this is the details your after.

1) Captured avi files from video camera using DV lead via firewire card in usual way.

2) Created movie in videowave using avi files in usual way.

3) Created <= 30 sec movie in video wave from avi files captured (basicaly snap shots throughout the movie)

4) added to the 30 sec movie my mp3 audio that I had edited down to 30secs (ish)

5) In MYDVD add the 30sec movie as an intro movie.

6) Created an ISO file

7) Burnt ISO to disc 1 then 2 & then directly to DVD-RW, & experimented thus far on to the DVD-RW


Kind regards

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