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Audio: 'all' Vs 'main' Question



I noticed taking the main sound from a movie reduces the compression by 7 or 8%, does it make a big difference whether you have ''all'' or ''main'', in this case just English DTS 5.1? I've seen French Dolby 5.1 or something, does that apply to a certain french stereo system or is it simply another name for a background sound in the main movie that affects the sound on any system.. . . I've chosen to compress the audio a few times and haven't noticed a big difference on my tv at school, but when I go home and play it on sorround sound i'm wondering if it will lack . . .

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The different audio tracks typically are for different dubbed languages or for director's commentaries. When you play the source DVD on a DVD Player and enter the setup menu from the main menu that appears you'll see the option to choose different audio on some discs.

Toast's Fit-to-DVD feature does not compress or alter the audio in any way. So you're just saving disc space when you select fewer audio options. That saved disc space is then used by Toast to reduce how much video compression is needed.


If you choose multiple audio tracks but also choose main movie only then you'll have no menu on screen for selecting which audio track you want to hear. In that case you'd use the Audio button on your DVD player's remote control to cycle between the different available tracks.

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