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Rewritable Cd's



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I installed CDC 10 and have just tried to access my rewritable CD's,CAN"T. What can I do.I used ver 7 before I believe.Do I need a separate module to R/W.Have a lot of stored info on a number of CD's.


I'm not sure what CDC 10 is. Did you mean EMC 10? Are you outside the US?


If you meant EMC 10, you will notice that Drag to Disc is not included. That is probably the way you made those discs.


You will have to install Drag to Disc from V7 to be able to access the discs. There is no add-in module to EMC 10. Perhaps a friend with drag to disc can help you if you don't have V7 anymore.


EMC 10 was designed for Vista and Roxio believed that people would use the Vista version to write to discs in the future.


In the future use Creator Classic in sessions writing to make discs that can be appended to. It is more reliable and they can be read by any PC.


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