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I've a problem computer.

AMD64 duel core, 1Gb memory, plenty of hard drive space.


It is a duel boot system, Windows XP home and Ubuntu Linux.

The Linux part of the machine works flawlessly.

However, ever since I built the machine it has an annoying problem when running XP.

From time to time it just crashes and re-starts.

Sometimes, it does it about four times a day.....sometimes weeks go by and it works perfectly.


However, if there's one piece of software that will always kill it , its Media Creator 10.


When I run this software, the computer does everything just ssssssooooooooooo sssssssssllllllllowly.

Even picking the files that I want to work on takes an age......5 minutes waiting for the machine to respond.


At the moment, I'm trying to do something that I would have thought was quite simple.

I want to take a video from my computer and put it onto a DVD so that I can play it on my DVD player and TV.


So far, I've made about a dozen drinks coasters.

Every time I try, the computer crashes half way through the burn process.


However, could this be telling me something about my long standing problem? Or is it that this piece of software just can't do what I ask of it?


Phil from Wales

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