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Vc&c Just Stops Converting



I try to use the Video Copy and Convert program to convert WMC captured programs such that I can fit more than 2.5 hours on a single-layer DVD. I am now very careful to set the display to never sleep during this time. I found that the display going to sleep will stop the program from continuing to the next file. It will reach the end of the file it is working on and just stop. You wake up the display and it continues on. Weird. But last night, I took all of these precautions but the program just stopped converting at about 35% complete pf Phase 1. I hit cancel and it tried to cancel, but since it was using 0% of the CPU, I figured it wasn't going to do anything. I had to End Process and start over. I started the process again this morning before coming in to work. I set the computer power options to High Perf and closed WMC which I left open last night for some reason. Hopefully it will finish this time. But I just don't understand what would make a conversion hang especially when the program itself is not hanging or crashing.


I am running Vista Premium on an HP Media PC purchased in August of 2007.



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