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Importing Audio (.m4a) To Split Tracks In Spin Doctor

JM Goot


I'm looking into import an audio file that I have in iTunes, the file ends in .m4a. It's a live recording that was initially recorded as one large file and burned to disc. I'd like to split the recorded audio into individual tracks, but I when the Spin Doctor "New Project" window comes up I can't seem to import the file when I click on "Open Previous Audio File". I chose this because the "Open Recent Audio File" won't allow me to select it, and the "New Recording" is just for when we are trying to connect a tape/record player as a source.


Am I just totally missing something? Or can I split the live show into tracks like with Rogue Amoeba's Fission software (which I don't own, but have thought about picking up in addition to Toast 8).


Thanks in advance!


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