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I've Searched Sonic Dla Problem



I have been having this issue with Sonic DLA.

The DLA is active on the CD but I have not used it.


When I shut windows 2000 down I briefly see that DLA is updating.


Every time is start the machine DLA goes through a lengthly recover mount.


The message is to avoid this shut your computer down properly but I have.


I have tried ejecting the disk first but the same thing happens when I put the disk back in the drive.


I had been using the Dell version of sonic on a non-dell computer with the same problem so I just un-installed it and purshase a copy from Sonic and waisted my $20.


Any help would be great


The ver is shown as 4.90 but I purchased ver 7.50 for windows 2000 SP4

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For starters - since the Packet-Writing program (in this case Sonic DLA, but could be Roxio Drag2Disc, Nero InCD, etc) is active, it needs to update its index before closing - whether you are turning off the computer or ejecting the disc. If it doesn't update the index, you may end up with an unreadable disc causing the famous "Blue Screen of Death".


I'd suggest that Packet-Writing is NOT a reliable way of archiving your data, and you might be better off removing the disc from the drive, and getting a Flash drive that you put in when you want to use it - and be careful to use the eject method from the tray (by the time, lower right), or right-click > eject, and wait until it gives the all-clear.


Packet-Writing is ok for short-term things like moving a file to another computer when the original is safely on the origination computer; or short-term storage of something like a webpage in progress back when the alternative was a 1.44MB floppy disc. It was never intended as long-term storage.



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