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Run Express Labeler 3


Select the type of label/insert/cover you want to make

click next


Select a project type and style

Auto-fill from your disc if wanted

Edit the Smart Objects you can use including track listings

Click next


Click Print, check your print settings, click OK

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how do you print a cd track listing for a jewel cse insert in Roxio Express Labler v.3 ?[

Thanks for your assistance, but my program does not have those features that you mentioned. It shows:

STEP 1 - Select Project via a radio button - disc label, dvd case or jewel insert

STEP 2 - Edit w/choices of - options, disc titles, tracks, layout or background

STEP 3 - Print

After I created the track listing and saved it, when I go to print it just shows a blank jewel case cover, which I do not want.

All of this is on the same screen. There are no options to click on next for anything. I don't know if it makes a diffrence that this is a program I purchased with a custom PC. The program contains Creator Premier, Express Labler and My DVD Basic, all version 9.

Thanks again for any assistance.

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Hello Retired 42002,


Sorry for the confusion - Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 [which you don't have] has three labeling programs. In its Home application there is a menu item for Print Disc Label which runs the Express Labeler I gave you instructions for. This looks to me like the old Sonic Express Labeler.




There is also a menu item Laser Label Disc "Label disc with LightScribe or Labelflash laser printing technology" which runs another 'Express Labeler' which is actually an old version [] of the Sure Thing labeller.




And if that isn't confusing enough, hidden in the depths and made almost inaccessible in the Home menu system, is the tried and trusted Roxio Label Creator




Confused? Keep reading, it gets worse. :(



Am I right to think you have the application which EMC9 says is for LightScribe or Labelflash, but is actually Sure Thing Labeler version 2 which has been renamed Roxio Express Labeler 3? [see middle screenshot] Is that the one?

And you're having trouble printing a jewel case insert after you save your project?


Can you try making a simple project with that, and printing before saving, please? The reason I ask is that in the full-featured retail EMC9, the help file for Express Labeler 3 says this . . .




. . .so it says it's a crippled version of an old labeler program, and the one they've given with EMC9 says it won't allow you to save your project. I'm wondering if the efforts they've made to castrate the program are zeroing your project when you attempt to print which is why I'm suggesting printing before attempting to save. Despite that warning, my version both saved and printed the project, and re-loaded it from disk afterward. :blink:


I don't know how your version differs from mine, but I'd be interested to see if your Help system for this program shows the same sly "You're not getting this until you pay $$ and upgrade" warning, and if it will print so long as you don't try to save first.


Confused regards,


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