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System Error - System Reboots



For anyone upgrading to EMC 10 that also happens to have a HP Photosmart 8250 Printer and Software please take this precaution.


I am using Windows XPSP2 with 2GB Ram and an ASUS Motherboard. I also found out that the latest and greatest ATI X1800 Catalyst software conflicted with EMC 10 as well. I lowered my driver back down to 6.17 Version.


For the past two months after upgrading to EMC10 my Operating System Crashes and completely reboots the computer.

The only thing that could be found in the Windows XP Event Log was this error.


Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 8056ea22, parameter3 a9db5b10, parameter4 00000000


The HP software has a Photo Shop Imaging software that is bundled with it that directly conflicts in memory with the Easy Media Creator 10 Software.


As it happened one day while troubleshooting this "feature", HP Imaging software wanted to be re-installed. So, I uninstalled it first and then immediately noticed that Easy Media Creator 10 would no longer launch. It was Broken!!


Not really using the HP Imaging software and using other Graphic Editors, I chose to not reinstall the HP Imaging Software. All I wanted out of it was a printer that would print.


Since EMC 10 was broken and unable to launch, I unstalled it, cleaned the registry out, deleted all the file folder structures. Uninstalling is a pain because there are really a lot of modules to uninstall. I uninstalled all of them.


I reinstalled the EMC 10 software and for the first time in two months, the system no longer has been giving me any problems. I simply did not reinstall the HP Imaging software and everything is back to normal. By downgrading the ATI Catalyst driver software and not installing the HP Imaging software I now have a stable Operating System.


Who would know? I had to share this because it took me two months of struggling to find it.


Good Luck!!





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