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Roxio 9 And Windows Explorer



Some time ago, my Windows Explorer was changed. My assumption is that was by Roxio 9. When I look at the content of certain folders, the columns are not the default Windows Explorers columns. If I click "details", the folder (regardles if it is pictures or audio files) columns default to Name, Size, Type, Artist, Album Title, etc.


How do I get it back where Windows Explorer is back in control and Roxio does not mess with my Windows Explorer?


FYI - I've disabled "watch folders" from the program and unchecked "Roxio9 hard drive watcher" in MSconfig. This is an XP machine.


What effect does RoxMediaDB9 have in MSconfig?



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Roxio 9 doesn't change the displays in Windows Explorer.


Try returning Explorer to its default settings. Click on My Computer. Go to the top toolbar, Tools > Folder Options > General and click on the Restore defaults box.


Then go to the View tab, and Restore Defaults. Uncheck the box which says 'Hide extensions for known file types', click on 'Apply to all folders'. Close my computer and then go and check your folders.


They will now be at the default settings. If they are not to your satisfaction you can customize them in the Advanced section of the View tab.




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