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Burning Powerpresentation To Cd

colin m


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There are programs that you can use to convert the Microsoft Power Point shows to any of the following:







QuickTime MOV file




Apply TV



Check out "Acoolsoft"--PPT2Video



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I have a Powerpoint presentation that some of the slides have .avi sound clips attached. After burning this to a CD using the data disc copy routine the slideshow goes on with the appropriate timings but the sound clips to not play. Any suggestions?

I used an old version of PowerPoint (2003?) and I do remember that if you include a sound file in the presentation, you either point to the sound clip from a folder or embed it in the PP file (I think the latter is an option and there was file size limit). If you did the first method, the PP will look for the same folder to play the clip. Since the CD does not have that folder, the sound clip does not play. I don't know if the newer version of PP works differently but you may want to check the PP help file and look for topic on attaching sound clip.


Take a look at the last part (this maybe from an old version of PP) of this article.

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