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Change Of Language And Joining Two Or Three Dvds





I am new to Roxio CD creator 9. I have purchased a SONY vaio laptop where Roxio CD 9 creator was pre-installed. The language of my OS (Windows Vista basic) is Japanese and I upgraded it to Ultimate version where I can see most of the programs in English. However, I am not able to see the Roxio CD 9 Creator in English. All menus, submenus in toolbar of it are in Japanese. Therefore, I am not able to understand it. I shall appreciate your help, if some one can let me know how can I change the language option for Roxio CD Creator 9?


My second query is to join two or more home made DVDs using Roxio CD 9 creator. Previously, I used to join by dvdshrink software, but, i loose the Menu on final DVD. I shall appreciate for your prompt reply to my technical queries





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The only way to convert a Japanese installation of Roxio software to English is to clean uninstall it and then reinstall choosing English. You will need an installer CD for this.


You may be able to convert some of the Japanese text to English by searching for and renaming any *.loc files you can find in the Roxio parts of your system. The .loc files translate the text from the program into Japanese, and renaming them makes some of the text revert to English. [this works in earlier versions but I haven't tried it in version 9] If you rename file.loc to something else like file.ori it will make the file unusable, but you can always rename it back again if you need to. Note that even if this works, it will only show material in text boxes in English. It won't change graphical screens or menus where the text is part of a picture.







Working on the premise that the only way to check something is to actually try it, I just went and installed EMC 9 in a fresh system in another language. I used Italian to avoid any fuss with Japanese characters.


Shailendra, don't bother with renaming .loc files in version 9, it's not worth it.


Version 9 is a mixture of Roxio and Sonic software because Roxio was swallowed by Sonic a while ago. A full install of everything put 30 .loc files into the system, and I renamed the lot. To my great dismay it worked very well, but only on the Roxio parts of EMC 9. All the Sonic parts stayed in the foreign language because they are dumbed down and don't use the Roxio system.


Regrets, but I'd suggest that apart from a crash course in Japanese your only option is to obtain an EMC9 installer CD; clean uninstall the current software; and reinstall from the CD in English.







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