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Backup Nightmare



This weekend I found out NOT to use the Roxio scan disc.


I retreived a video backup file off of a disc (created by Roxio) and it said the file I retreived had errors. But I was able to retreive all the other files. Working in an office environment, I know at this point I should have made another copy of the disc before messing with it. But no...I trusted the Roxio program...fatal error on my part.


I ran a scan disc (Roxio program) on it and it said there were no errors. So I put the disc away, after all the rest of the files were good.


The next day I pulled that same disc out to retrive files off of it. Much to my horror an error screen came up saying this disc is not compatable with Windows. Just how did the scan ruined the disc?! By the way...these files were all off my video camera and I have already erased the tapes. Not to mention all the time I spent making the video disc! (Doing video I had bogged down my hard drive and had to move the files elsewhere.)


Also, why when I made a DVD video, did it work on my computer and DVD players but not in other computers? And why, when I went to copy my DVD (in Roxio also...it's totally taken over my sytem by the way) it told me the video couldn't be copied because it was protected...but I know I said "no" when it asked me at the beginning of making the video.


So very, very frustrating and upsetting.


Anyone else beware...don't scan the disc!


But on the bright side I don't seem to be having the problems other people on the forum are having.



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