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A Couple Of Questions On Making/editing In My Dvd



Using Roxio Creator 9 Home

Version: 9.0.088

Build: 900B88I, R03


Within My DVD, from time to time after I create movies of action sports would like to see them in real time, then on a second Menu in slower time. I know how to slow the movie down. It's the creation of the second Menu and editing of movies on that Menu that do not seem to be working well for me.


After creating, let's call it Real-Time Menu, I then created a second call Slowed-Down Menu. Then second Menu was created by answering Yes to the question about creating a New Menu as I was adding selections to the first Menu. I am not clear on creating a free standing second Menu so I took this path.


Once I had the second Menu, I copied the (normal speed) movie from Real-Time and pasted it to Slowed-Down. Then I highlighted the movie on the second menu and using Edit Movie made the speed adjustment. Unfortunately every alteration made to Slowed-Down impacted Real-Time time.


Assuming Copy does not work, or at least the path I took to create the second Menu then used Copy is wrong, I imported the movie to Menu Real-Time and imported the movie again to second Menu called Slowed-Down. This approach allowed me to edit Slowed-Down without impacting Real-Time.


Does anyone have a easier method to Create one Menu for seeing the origional movie. Then create a second Menu with an slowed down version of the same movie.



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The way you described it, you have one menu with two titles (the "real-time" and the "slowed-down"). Since the second title is just a copy of the first title, the two titles are pointing to the same video file. So I would not be surprised that the edit you made to the second title affected the first title.


Instead of copying the first title, you may try bringing in the same video independently (not copying the first title) as a second title and then edit it for the slow down effect.

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Thanks for taking time to review and respond. Sorry if my explanation was not clear. If I copied the Menu, that was not my intention. Here is what I am seeing as I progress through the creation.


When I open My DVD a screen image is provided containing the words "My Menu". I change the words to something more meaningful.


When I add a New Movie (most are short maybe 2-2.5 minutes) I use Edit Movie to add a second or third movie, say the same group performing a routine on day one and again on day two, etc. Then I Trim, Add Text, etc. Want to retain these edits in the slowed down version that will reside on Menu #2.


Currently getting to the second Menu when I have added 5 movies to Menu #1 get a message telling me the current Menu is Full. Would you like to create a new Menu. I replied Yes.


Then modified the words "My Menu" to a different title as noted in my first post. On this second My Menu is were I placed the movie copied from the first My Menu.


Then using Edit slow down the movie on Menu #2. When I look at the results on Menu #2 and compare them to Menu #1 both movies are slowed down. NOT GOOD! I only want to slow down the movie on Menu #2.


The long and much slower way around this for me has been to Add the movie to Menu #1 perform the edits desired. Then go to Menu #2 perform the edits desired - same as Menu #1 - then slow down the movie on Menu #2.



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Create your video productions using Videowave (let's call it Video1). Do your edits to Video1 and save it. If succeeding videos are similar to Video1 except for a handful of edits, then copy the Video1 production, save it under a different file name and do your edits to that "new" production (let's call it Video 2). Do as many productions as you want.


Using My DVD, bring in all those titles in (Video1, Video2, etc). You don't have to do any more editing to the titles as you already accomplished that in Videowave. You just need to do your authoring in MyDVD (menu title, menu style, background audio, etc.).

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