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Fit-to-dvd Gives 4.7+g Files !



I created a 230minutes video project using iDVD, and exported it to a VIDEO_TS folder (7.7g for a DL disk)...

Then I tried to compress it using Toast so I could burn it on single layer DVDs...

but the resulting file (when I select save as Disk Image from Toast's menu) is too big !

if I try burning the file, it compresses again!, and I get an error :

Sensor Key = ILLEGAL REQUEST, Sensor Code = 0x24, INVALID FIELD IN CDB

trying to burn the folder directly with automatic compression activated gets me the same error message...



I've read elsewhere on the forum that Toast does not compress PCM audio, could this be the problem ?


I've also read that these errors can indicate bad hardware, but my hardware is fine... the real problem is

Why is Toast giving me 4.7g + compressed .toast disc image files ?


Any way I can get this project done right ?


Hoping I've explained this correctly

Thanks for any help or answers leading to my understanding of this situation...

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Toast cannot compress an iDVD disc image that is that large. The problem is that iDVD uses uncompressed PCM audio. Toast only can compress the video. The audio is taking up so much space on the disc that there isn't room for the video even at the greatest amount of compression that Toast can perform.


I don't know where the break point is.


Given that iDVD had to use a fairly low bit rate to create that video DVD disc image I highly recommend your burning it to a dual-layer disc.

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