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Cannot Retrieve Files From Disc



While moving data from one computer to another I burned all my files to a DVD-RW disc. I checked the disc on the old computer and the disc looked good. However, when I put the disc in the new computer all it shows on the disc is a single audio file (there are none on the disc). Any ideas why it won't read properly on the new computer?

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Did you by chance make this disc with Drag to Disc?If you did the new computer may not have a UDF reader letting you see those files.Do you have Roxio on the new computer?If you do then you should be able to see it.

If you didn't and just made a data cd then you should be able to see it unless the disc wasn't finalized and the session closed.

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Unless the disc has failed. RW media fades out sooner or later, altho if formatted for Packet-Writing usually sooner. It is for the same reasons RW media can be erased and re-used. (NO, it is NOT a "great-big floppy-disc", and many people have permantly lost data that way, inlcuding me.)


Packet-Writing is notoriously fickle, and may or may not be readable under the best of conditions (altho if read on the originating computer with the originating program is more likely to co-operate - if not guaranteed).


So, if you formatted a CD-RW, you have maximized your chances of permantly losing the data.


However, give a recovery program a try - two recovery programs often recommended are cdroller (www.cdroller.com) and ISOBuster (www.isobuster.com). Both have impressive testimonials on their websites and in the Roxio boards. Both now have a "trial" Version which lets you find out if they can recover anything before you have to pay. (I am not aware of ANY recovery program which is free, other than ScanDisc, which is notoriously hard to restore from and can make it impossible for anything else to work later.)


Let us know lhow it goes.


Next time, NEVER format the CD if you want to KEEP the data, and NEVER use RW media for anything you want to KEEP.



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