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Making A Video With Scenes



Hey everyone,


I'm about to rip out my hair trying to figure this out. Here's what I'm trying to do. I work in PR, so I often Tivo news broadcasts that talk about my employer. I have the Tivo wireless network setup, so I can transfer the broadcasts to my computer. Tivo suggested I buy the Roxio software so I can make DVDs of the broadcasts and select the scenes I want. So I plunk down the money for this software.


I have about 7 hours of television from 9 shows that I need to whittle down to just the scenes covering us (about an hour's worth). I went through CineMagic Assistant and spent a lot of time selecting the scenes out of about 3,500. I then tried to play the video and it won't work. I tried to move it to VideoWare, but it just flips through the the 9 shows in still image mode. There is no video or sound. I'm searching through the help topics, trying to get some direction without having to pay $1.89/minute for tech support. I see that CineMagic strips the native sound.


Can you please help me? How can I use one of these programs to select the scenes I need, keep the native sound, and make a video file that I can e-mail or burn to a DVD?





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What you have done to this point is ready for the trash can…


Computer 101: When you have new software start with a small project until you learn how to use the software! If you start with a big project it will lead to doom! (sorry for the hindsight but it needs to be said)


Open VideoWave and start in there.


There are actually a couple of ways to handle Scenes. For your situation Media Selector is probably the best (lengthy files with small portions)


Look in both the EMC 9 as well as the EMC 10 Tips & Tricks for details.


From VW you would do a File Save then close and go to MyDVD. In MyDVD you select Add Title and pick the VW xxxxx.dmsm file.


Edit in VW, make the DVD in MyDVD. - Cinemagic, 'Express' programs etc. are for tiny, quick and dirty projects.


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Thank you for your advice. I realize that is computer 101, and I wish I were able to try on a smaller project. But when I'm given a short deadline for work - I really don't have a choice.


I really appreciate your tips and your time in replying. I will give them a try tonight.

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"Short deadline", you couldn't stop and test. So after pouring hours into it, you have a non-working project beyond salvage… :lol:


Been there, done that! I pushing the envelope one day. On day 2, I realized that there was no way the methodology I was using would ever work! Delete files and start again… Deadline was not a factor for me and my boss will overlook days of R&D even if it results in a dead end as long as we learned something from it!


Let us know how you make out.


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