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Do I Export For Apple Tv, Ipod Or Iphone If I Want To Use All Three?



I mainly watch videos on my computer so I want decent resolution but i'd also like to put them on my iPod and might get an Apple TV. I tried using the Apple TV setting because it would give the best resolution but then the videos wont go on to my iPod. Which setting is most like what they use on iTunes because that works for everything.

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Currently, I'm using Popcorn to convert videos for my AppleTV and iPhone, so hopefully it will be similar in resolution to iPod. If you are going to get AppleTV, I don't suggest you use preset in the Popcorn for the AppleTV. When I used preset for the appleTV, I was not happy with the resolution at all. However, I could transfer it to iPhone without any issues via iTunes.

So, after doing some tests, this was the best solution. When converting, click on the custom button, which should show up after you click on the big red button to start converting.


It should show you format as H.264 and some number for the size of the video such as 640 x 420 or something like that. Click on that and choose "current size." Also, I always had to change the frame rate to 24 rather than 29 as it shows by default. If done at 29, my videos did not match the audio. This setting has been working for me, and actually made the video look like HD, well, better than the AVI file the original was.

This worked for AppleTV everytime!! However, SOME of the movies that was converted same way, they did not transfer into the iPhone and some did. I really don't know what the differences were between those movies that just refused to be transferred and that did. In such a case, I just used iTunes to "convert it for iPhone" (something like that) when you right mouse click over the file, and that was done....doesn't take that long. But agin, some movies just transferred fine. So, this might be similar to your iPod situation. Going with MacMini rather than the AppleTV might be another answer for you, since you won't have to change file format, such as AVI to MPEG4 to view it. You would just convert it for iPod once, rather than having to do it twice for AppleTv and iPod. If so, I would invest in good sound system with it....no output for that white and red audio jack.


Hope this helped. ;)

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