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Mpeg Audio Problem



Hello everyone,

Newbie here. I'm using the MYDVD EMC 9 from roxio. When I go to the burn dialog box to validate my project, the program says I have the following error:


MPEG audio may not be compatible with all NTSC players.


How do I fix that problem? What's the correct audio format? Any help is appreciated.


Thank You.

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You may like to try this.I assume you are using MY DVD (not my dvd express)to burn your project and that on the MY DVD front page where it says quality you have chosen fit to disc.

If you select file (top left hand side) then project settings.

On the page that has now opened uncheck the fit to disc box and select one of the presets (high quality for example).On the left of this page select the standard you want to burn your disc to NTSC or PAL.Notice the audio on the right changes to match the standard.Hoping that this is of use to you.

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