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A different problem with Media Manager


I am having the same problem with Media Manager. However, I do NOT have Blackbetty 8 something on my computer. I do NOT have Roxio on my computer (I have a copy of Roxio 6 but it is not on this comp) The Media Manager window comes up and says it cannot find the program to install. I click on cancel, it spends an interminable amount of time saying it is cancelling, then starts again. I have tried the solutions, like the windows program to clear install, gone to the suggestion about clearing things from the registry etc. None of this has made a difference, except that now a new window comes up about not finding a certificate. I have no idea where this program came from, why it wants to install on my computer, or why it won't go away and leave me alone. HELP!!!


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There are a few things to try.

First,try and follow the directions that are here.Depending on what has happened on your machine parts of it may not be there.Follow the directions to the end and get rid of anything that still exists.Reboot.

Second,go to Microsoft's website and download the Windows Install Clean up Utility,install and run it.If you find any Roxio or Sonic entries delete them.Reboot.

Third,run a registry cleaner if you have one.Some even allow you to search on a particular word.If you have one that does search for Roxio and Sonic.

Lastly,and don't do this if you're not comfortable,manually edit the registry.Go to Start,Run and type in regedit.when it opens go to Edit and hit Find.Type in Roxio and hit enter.It will go to the first item that has Roxio in it.Hit delete and confirm the deletion.Once you've done that hit F3 to go to the next instance.Continue this until it tells you there are no more items.Now repeat the process but search for Sonic instead of Roxio.


This should remove all instances of Roxio or Sonic from your drive and registry.


Media Manager is part of Roxio's suite and to get it on your machine to start you had to have had Roxio installed at some point.This should help get rid of any remnants.

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