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Why Has Popcorn Become Soooo Sloooowwww

Dewi Morgan


I can't remember if this happened prior to Leopard but with Popcorn 2 ripping a DVD, Image or VIDEO_TS folder took about 90 minutes for a 6gig film to be shrunk down to fit on my iPod. Now with 3.0.2 this is taking more than 24hrs.


I have a Powerbook with 1gig of RAM and ample space to do the work.


Anybody got any ideas? Or is it back to Handbrake?

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I don't know what the correct amount of time should be but there is no chance you ever converted a couple-hour movie to the iPod format anywhere near 90 minutes. That timeframe is more what it would take to convert a dual-layer size VIDEO_TS folder to fit a single-layer DVD and burn the disc. You are the ideal customer for a ElGato Turbo.264 which will speed up the encoding greatly, but will still be longer than real time on your Powerbook.

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