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Burnt Dvds Unreadable On Other Dvd Drives



I recently noticed that the dvds I burned with my laptop was not readable by the other computer I have at home, yet they are perfectly playable in the laptop itself. This seems to coincide with the power loss (the pc had unexpectedly shut down) my laptop experienced hile right in the middle of burning a dvd. Could I have damaged the dvd drive this way? And if so, is there a diagnostic tool for the dvd drive? Thanks.

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It's unlikely that the burner would be damaged by a shutdown.


You had better tell us some detail so we can work out what is happening.

-is this one DVD you're talking about?

-what sort of DVD is it, video or data?

-what software did you burn it with? [name the program and version, or the function you chose from the Home screen]

-what error message(s) do you get when you try to read it/them on your other computer?



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