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Doing An Abort On Toast Fries Your Drive ?

dead superdrive




in relation to the above Jam related post I'm posting this also in Toast section as I had same issue while using Toast

Basically some people on different Apple machine click abort while burning with Jam or Toast, the program and drive hang, computer needs to rebooted, and the drive can no longer recognise media an appear functionally dead while still visible and actionable via the eject/close commands.


post one

post two


turns out the same thing happened to me (twice over a year) i didn't think it was linked to the software at first as my drive was 1 year old the first time, but when it happened today with a 3 month old drive and the same "Abort" circumstance, I started googling around and only found this thread.


So guys, you are not alone !


I have a question for you though, do you have like me TWO drives mounted in your Mac ?


I now use an Intel MacPro now with 2 Apple fitted Pioneer DVR 111 drives, when my previous drive died, it was on a G4 desktop with also 2 drives fitted, and i was using a Pioneer to burn that ended up dying after a Toast abort, exactly as you describe it.


One other thing, I was burning audio on a black face CD when it last occured (not sure what it was a year ago, but could easily have been the same)


I'm on 10.4.11 now but was on an earlier version of Tiger on the G4

I use Toast 7.1.2


If any of you has found a solution please be kind to share, it seems Roxio just treats us as simpletons...


I can't re flash the firmware of the drive as this specific model needs to be done on a PC which I don't have easy access to, but if any of you succeeded in this, I might look harder into it !


In the meantime I'd advise everyone to think twice before hitting the abort button it does seem like a random event, but surely is an annoying one.




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