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Burned Cd Will Not Play -on Anything





i created a slideshow that i wanted to burd to a dvd... well got it done works great videowave (i have Roxio 10)... then click in vdeowave the dvd button.. it takes me to mydvdexpress, i get it all setup then click at the bottom of the screen 'create disc' a panel comes up and i click burn..


it takes a while but then it finally comes back at 100% then i click close..


but i can noy this on anything, not even where i burned it on?


what is the issue.

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I haven't tried the MyDVDExpress. Instead of doing that, open MyDVD program. If you don't want any menu, choose File->New project->DVD, no menu. Click Add Movie and select your Videowave production. Then click the Burn icon and burn to an image file (either ISO or video-folder set). Finally use the Video Copy & Convert program to burn the image file to DVD.

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